Food Service

“The program is only as great as the food”      - WOLF Founder. Michael Reddish, 1994

It started over 20 years ago with a dream to provide new standards in outdoor education programming and it was then that the team at WOLF decided that our trips would have the best food service ever delivered to school campers. WOLF since has worked tirelessly to deliver top quality, abundant, and delicious food at every meal without exceptions. Our cooks pledge to meet everyone’s needs and to provide expertly prepared student-friendly meals with unwavering punctuality and a commitment to service. No kidding! WOLF has the best food. It’s fun. Eat a lot, be happy!

Residential Camp Dining

WOLF cooperates with our residential camps to provide consistently excellent food service. Menus are designed to provide variety, healthy choices, desserts, and foods that everyone loves. A popular breakfast might include pancakes, bacon or sausage, cereal & fruit bar, hot oatmeal, orange juice & milk, or eggs. Lunches and dinners might include, spaghetti, caesar salad, garlic bread, and dessert. Also favored are Hawaiian chicken, rice & vegetables, outdoor barbecue or a host of familiar favorites. Meals are all you can eat and served buffet or family style with afternoon snacks on the field. 

Special Diets

Special diets are common and generally easy to accommodate. Students with food allergies and meal considerations should indicate this on the WOLF medical information form submitted prior to arrival. Kosher, vegan, celiac, lactose intolerant diets are generally easy to manage. Often times we will speak with a parent prior to arrival who will inform us of dietary needs and sometimes supplement with pre-selected foods. Vegetarian meals are always available at meals.

Camping Trips

Here is where it gets good! WOLF prides itself on providing consistently excellent camping food service that leaves everyone coming back for more. Famous meals include tri-tip barbecue, bread & vegetables, build your own tostada bar, chicken & vegetable stir fry with sweet Hawaiian rolls, pineapple, and savory desserts. All camping food is generously served buffet style with daily snacks consisting of fruit and granola bars to round out every great day. The cornerstone of the WOLF camping experience is deliciously prepared food and unwavering commitment to service. Camping trips are the best! Come and get it. Eat a lot!

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