Super Creative Programs

Challenging the most brilliant students, WOLF designs Super Creative Trips for ASB Leadership events, high schools, science classes and more. These are trips that are exceptionally fun and push the envelope with extraordinary content and themes, role playing & costumes, grand scale props, problem solving or critical thinking activities, team skills and more. Some of our most admirable projects of late include Mission Impossible, Splinterville, Bigfoot Attacks, Loggers & Miners, and Heroes & Monsters.

Ask the team at WOLF to design a Super Creative Trip or Program for your school.

  • Meltdown - A zombie simulation, students work in teams to find and neutralize test subjects.
  • Big Foot Attacks - Students use maps, mix formulas, photograph sensitive documents, use paintballs to neutralize targets, and stay away from BIG FOOT!
  • Heroes & Monsters - Set in a medieval trading town, Students use a gold bean currency, make foam weapons shields & create costumes, use giant catapults to slay monsters in a dungeon, eat pizzas made in a stone oven.
  • Loggers & Miners - Students build and paint a totem pole, use two person bucksaws, prospect & pan for gold, make & bake apple pies, navigate a 6000 sq. ft. cave tunnel maze.
  • Mission Impossible - Scavenger hunt on Main St. in Ventura. Students find clues, use radios, decipher codes, and evade enemy agents.
  • Splinterville - Students star in and film a Western movie.