First Aid Rescue Adventure

“This is the most exciting thing these kids have ever done. We have never seen our class working so well together. You made them feel like heroes!”

Wesley School


WOLF will teach team members the practical aspects of how to care for others in their communities and the wilderness. Students receive certification in CPR and first aid. During the program we work with sheriff, fire, and search and rescue departments. Rescue teams learn and practice skills during simulated rescue scenarios. They are taught to assess the situation, record medical histories, create a plan, and implement appropriate rescue procedures. Teams are put to the test on the final night when they are called to the dramatic plane crash scene putting the skills they have learned to the ultimate test.


Program Highlights

  • CPR Certification

  • Teamwork Rescue Skills

  • Emergency Planning

  • Radio Communication

  • Hands on Learning

  • Fire Department Demonstration

Skills include

Controlling severe bleeding, stabilizing and splinting broken bones, using blood pressure cuffs, taking pulse, reading respiration, and loading backboard and stokes litters. These sessions may be videotaped to further enhance learning.

These incredible learning experiences are conducted at most of our camp locations for schools, businesses, and preparedness groups. Prices range depending on the location, number of participants, and course intensity.



WOLF has developed a thrilling First Aid Rescue Adventure program where students are certified in CPR/First Aid and use their skills in exciting rescue scenarios in a camp setting. The results of these programs have been extraordinary. The following is a description of teach activity we use to meet our goals.

First Aid / CPR Certification

Students are taught and certified in Red Cross First Aid and CPR and receive their own certification cards. This can be done in school or at camp.

First Aid Handbook

Students use a provided handbook to learn about variety of different general First Aid topics. Sections of the handbook are used during rescue scenarios set up by WOLF.

Tools of the Trade

Students practice with blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, backboards, stokes litters, cervical collars, and trauma kits.

Radios/ Base Command

Students use real two-way radios to communicate vital information to base command throughout their rescues.


Skills Practice

Students receive hands on instruction from expert staff in bandaging, blood control, splints, vital signs, spine immobilization, environmental illness, and wound management.


Rescue Scenarios

Rescue teams respond to emergency calls and treat and transport volunteer patients with realistic Hollywood style wounds. The final scenario is an action packed plane crash complete with flashing lights, sirens, fog machines, caution tape, and plane parts. Students and teachers can also participate as victims or in the behind the scenes make up room.

Fire Department

Students are treated to a demonstration by the fire department as they use their auto extraction tools to cut apart a real crashed car and transport a trapped victim.


The First Aid Rescue Adventure program has become a favorite for many schools. The combination of fun, excitement, and real life skills is highly effective in promoting school unity and student confidence. The WOLF staff is well-trained and committed to making your trip safe, meaningful, and fun. This program can be adapted to suit all age levels.