Teacher Training


WOLF has developed a one-day teacher training retreat which demonstrates techniques for motivating students, improves communication and promotes school unity. The results of these programs have been extraordinary.

Goal Setting

Teachers and Administrators work in a counsel format to set agendas and formulate goals for the upcoming school year.

Catered Lunch

Everyone enjoys celebrating their staff day by meeting together for a catered lunch. Menus are adaptable to meet the needs of all participants.

The WOLF teacher training program is an effective way to bring staff closer together in a total commitment to quality education. The WOLF staff is well trained and committed to making your retreat a valuable tool for increasing teacher effectiveness.




All participants are invited to take turns at leading challenges and task oriented discussions as a means of practicing both leadership and cooperative problem management. The result is an agreement that everyone has a voice in making school programs excel.


The cornerstone of the WOLF retreat is bringing your staff together to share a fun day outdoors, Programming may include guided hikes, science demonstrations, or student team building activities suitable for the classroom.

Team Building Games

The WOLF staff leads participants in team oriented games such as the nitro swing or giant teeter totter designed to foster trust, cooperation, and a sense of team. Teachers work together to solve simple problems and evaluate techniques for group effectiveness. Games are designed to be safe, meaningful, and fun.