Valley of Fire is a spectacular camping destination 40 miles outside of Las Vegas, Nevada which boasts beautiful and expansive red colored rock formations, a rich native history, one of a kind geology, and all the makings of a great adventure trip. Students explore the unique surroundings and geological features, learn from the WOLF staff and visitor center museum installations, and enjoy the peaceful and private group camp settings throughout this US National Park.

Nearby Mount Charleston 35 miles east of Las Vegas provides an alternative atmosphere with milder climate and lush forests.  WOLF staff manages all tents, gear and equipment and provides excellent outdoor food service as well as first class instruction and trail group guiding commensurate with all WOLF programs.


Three Great Options

For a traditional cabin camp experience in Las Vegas, try the WOLF camp at Potosi Pines. Excellent dining and accommodations and scenic mountain backdrop just 20 minutes away from Las Vegas Strip.

  • Valley of Fire

  • Mt. Charleston

  • Potosi Pines Camp