What to bring to camp

Students should refer to the provided packing list to help prepare for their trip. Some of the most important items to bring are a sleeping bag and pillow and 2 pairs of closed-toe shoes such as sneakers or hiking boots. Parents might check the expected weather to anticipate the need for warmer clothes and jackets or rain gear.  Students are encouraged to pack light. A medium-sized duffel is often the most practical means for your WOLF trip. Students should also take heed of the items not permitted by the school on their trip which may include cell phones and electronic devices, food, and items not ordinarily allowed on the school campus. Finally, students should bring a small daypack like the one they carry at school with a water bottle inside to accompany them on the trail.

Are we staying in tents or cabins?

Residential trips are different than camping trips. Residential camps such as Hilltop, Brandeis and El Capitan have cabins with bunk beds, indoor bathrooms and showers, and typically serve meals in the dining hall. Camping trips vary by location and include the excitement of tent camping in a beautiful outdoor setting. Camping trips such as Joshua Tree, Santa Cruz Island, Russian River, or Catalina may have special items included on the packing list specific to the trip. For the most part, the packing is the same because WOLF brings all tents, food, supplies and camping equipment necessary for an outstanding adventure.

My school operates on a limited budget

WOLF pledges to bring the great camp experience to all schools regardless of the need for financial assistance. WOLF’s directors are able to provide scholarships, reduce prices, and design enhanced programming at reduced cost in an effort to reach students in need. Consult with WOLF to see if your school qualifies for specialty programming at reduced pricing.

Do I need to apply a deposit? When do I pay?

After selecting your program with the WOLF team, your school will return a signed agreement and deposit to secure the trip. The deposit is typically 20% of the contract amount and is usually refundable in full or in part should you change your plans. The remaining balance is due 14 days prior to the event.

How far in advance do I need to book our trip?

WOLF is equipped with the resources to organize trips very quickly. Often when schools are in need of a fast program solution, or have just decided to undertake a trip, WOLF can provide a five-star camp experience in as little as one week. Most schools, however, return year after year to WOLF and have developed specific camp, programming and date preferences. To re-book each year schools should submit their camp dates immediately following their program for the following year. This is the best way to secure first choice dates as many of our most popular locations fill up fast, particularly in prime months at the beginning and end of the school year.

When is the best time to go on a trip?

Trip options are available all year long. Residential camps tend to be most busy at the beginning of the school year (Sept-Oct) and again at the end of the school year (May-June). Holidays and spring break tend to be busy as well. November and December are great times for camp programming and tend to be overlooked. Similarly, our great weather allows for perfect programs January through April as well. These might be the most pleasant months of all for local camp events. Look for better availability and off-season discounts during these times and call WOLF to help point you in the right direction. Consider also the goals of your trip. Some programs are early in the year as a means of bonding new students. Others may be at year end as a means of celebration. Regardless of when you schedule your trip, the students and teachers will remember the experience for a lifetime.

Does WOLF work with small groups? Large groups?

Yes. WOLF works with groups of all sizes. Whether organizing LAUSD’s 2400 student Angel Gate Program or Rafting with 8 high school students, WOLF is happy to accommodate. Call WOLF to learn about trip options and prices for your school district or your small group.

What about trips for my other grades?

It is very popular now with schools to have WOLF design different trips for each grade that build on one another from year to year. For example, a great sequence might be 3-day residential science at Malibu or Brandeis in 6th grade, a camping trip to Santa Cruz Island in 7th grade, and a 4-Day First Aid Rescue Adventure in 8th grade. This sequence would introduce a 2-night science experience, promote self reliance and bonding in 7th, and introduce community responsibility and celebrate class unity in 8th. Each place is different, the content is challenging and diverse, and the programs are among WOLF’s best. Look to WOLF to help you design a sequence of programs that foster your students’ development from grade to grade.

Does WOLF provide standardized district-wide Programming?

Yes. WOLF designs and implements top-quality standardized outdoor education programs for school districts throughout California. Programs are customized to meet the objectives of each district and generally include instruction in state standards environmental science, primitive living skills, teamwork, cooperation, critical thinking, problem solving, group skills, wilderness first aid, character development, anti-bullying, self-reliance, self-confidence, class bonding, school unity, motivation, leadership, and environmental stewardship. All WOLF programs are designed to be safe, meaningful and fun.

What about the food? Check out our Food page!

WOLF has the best food service of any outdoor provider in operation. Students enjoy three hot meals daily and afternoon snacks at any WOLF event. The meals at residential camps are prepared in camp kitchens by professional cooking staff who work with WOLF to provide customized student-friendly menus that are substantial, healthy and appealing to school students. Lots of options and special preparation ensures that each child is happy with every meal. Breakfast, for instance might include pancakes, sausage, cut fruit, cereal bar, orange juice, coffee, tea and more. A typical lunch might be taco bar, chicken patties or hamburgers, salad and watermelon with dessert. Dinners range from chicken stir fry with pineapple and Hawaiian rolls to Spaghetti and meat sauce, garlic bread, salad and brownies. Students with special diets will indicate these needs on their medical form and inform the teacher in charge at school. WOLF can accommodate vegetarian, kosher, nut-free, lactose intolerant, celiac, and other diets with prior notice. Everyone eats a lot. Everyone’s happy.

My child takes medication

When sending your child to camp with medication, keep the medicine in its original package, seal it in a sealable plastic bag and turn it over to the teacher in charge at school before the trip. Do not pack medication of any kind in a student’s luggage. Write the students name on the medicine and bag and include dosage instructions. The teacher or medical supervisor will administer the medication at camp. When bringing an epi-pen or inhaler it is advisable to provide two. One remains with the medical supervisor and one travels with the student or trail group leader.

Can I visit my child at camp?

Yes, but only under circumstances. WOLF camp is a private facility/event. Parents are not permitted to visit their child at camp except with prior authorization from school. If authorized, parents should notify the WOLF staff or teachers upon entering camp and then again upon leaving.

What if I need to pick up my child and return later?

Parents may make prior arrangements at school to pick up their child at camp and/or bring their child to a camp in progress. Parents should notify the WOLF staff upon arrival and again on departure.

Can WOLF conduct programs at my school?

Yes. There are many excellent opportunities to enhance the curriculum or school experience with WOLF programs conducted at school. Some of the most popular one-day events include Primitive Skills/Native American Day, Colonial Times Day, Frontier Skills Day, Team Building, Science Experiments and Outdoor Labs, Solar Boats, Character Development Days and more. Experiences might include period costumes, equipment and supplies, hand on crafts and activities, and first rate instruction from the fun staff at WOLF. Give your students a day to remember and book a day with WOLF at your school.

What about my special needs students?

Residential camps are equipped to host students with special needs and WOLF works vigorously to make sure that every student is able to enjoy a fantastic adventure with his or her peers. Consult with teachers at school and with the directors at WOLF to plan the strategy to insure that any students with special needs have the best camp experience.

Tell me about the cabins. Check out our Camp pages!

When on a residential camp program the students stay in cabins. All WOLF camp locations have nice, fully enclosed cabins with heat, windows, and bunk beds to accommodate 10-14 students each. Many of these cabins have contemporary bathrooms and showers inside, some have them on the adjoining deck or close by. Refer to the Camps page to see the accommodations specific to your location.

What about showering?

All camps have contemporary bathroom and shower facilities in or near the cabins. Students may wish to shower in the morning, free time, or evening at their election. Consult the Camps page to see the accommodations specific to your location.

How can I buy a WOLF T-Shirt or sweatshirt? Check out our Store!

You’re in luck! Those great WOLF T-Shirts and sweatshirts are available for purchase via the WOLF online store as well as gifts and useful items suitable for your next WOLF program or outdoor adventure. Groups attending a WOLF program may wish to collect checks and submit an order form in advance such that all items will be delivered to the students at the onset of their program. Call WOLF if you have questions or need immediate assistance to order shirts or sweatshirts for your students or faculty. 

Contact us if you have any further questions!