Park Overview

Joshua Tree National Park is a desert wonderland.  We have an incredible program designed to provide a first rate outdoor experience here, which features a combination of desert ecology, plant and wildlife studies, teambuilding, rock climbing, bouldering, caving and camping fun.

With its mild fall-winter climate and diverse life and earth forms, Joshua Tree is a backpacker’s dream. Hikes range from quick, easy nature walks with interpretive signs to strenuous climbs over boulders and up to barren peaks. Some highlights: the 49 Palms and Lost Palms oases, miniature tropical paradises that pop out of the sand; and the Wonderland of Rocks, where elephant-sized boulders appear to have been dropped there by giants.

The canyons and hills are typically dominated by common shrubs such as desert senna, bladder pod, jojoba, desert mallow, paper bag bush, encelia, vigueria, whiteratany, and four o’clock. Other shrubs in these areas include jimsonweed and coyote melon. After adequate rainfall the deserts can be transformed by colorful wildflower displays.


  • Ryan’s Peak Hike
  • Big Horn Sheep
  • Barker Dam Petroglyphs
  • Night Time Van Safari
  • Rock Climbing & Rappelling
  • Chasm of Doom
  • Desert Ecology Rotations
  • 5-Star Food Service
  • Tents & Team Building
  • Celebration Campfire

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Camping & Facilities

Camping at Joshua Tree is fun for large and small groups alike. Well-maintained National Park facilities include spacious group sites nestled in the heart of the most scenic desert topography amidst spectacular rock formations. WOLF supplies all tents and materials, ample clean drinking water, full outdoor kitchen, shaded enclosures, vans, top drawer instruction, science and team building equipment, and the know how to operate the most meaningful and fun desert campout programs ranking amongst the most popular school trips year after year.