Photo Credit: Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce

Island Overview

Beautiful Catalina Island has long been a Southern California tourist attraction, in part because of its rich island ecology and local history. For a more primitive encounter with the island, WOLF enjoys taking students out to the Two Harbors Camp, where we can enjoy hiking from one bay to the other, snorkeling in the clear Pacific, and kayaking around the beaches. The remote Two Harbors Camp sits on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Catalina’s Isthmus. Platform tent cabins are available as well as tent camping for a tightly-knit community experience.

Island Activities

Sea Kayaking

Students spend an afternoon having fun on sea kayaks under the careful supervision of kayak specialists.


WOLF’s professional instructors provide hands-on exposure to marine life, mammals, oceans, tides, estuaries, and the seaside ecosystem.

Island Ecosystem

On land, students explore and identify plant species, wild edibles, creek life, erosion, tracking, mammals and birds of prey.


Photo Credit: Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce


Students wear wet suits and snorkeling gear to go on a guided tour of the wonders of shallow water marine life.

Tide pools

Students use catch nets, microscopes, specimen cards, and field guides to explore ocean tide pools.


At 76 square miles, the Catalina island offers miles of hiking. Some of the trails follow fire roads, while others meander up the steep hillsides offering expansive views of the mainland and even the Channel Islands on a clear day!

Photo Credit: Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce